Ceramic Sculptural Vessel by Kathryn Robinson-Millen

Ceramic Sculptural Vessel by Kathryn Robinson-Millen


This ceramic sculptural vessel by Kathryn Robinson-Millen is hand built in stoneware using an elaborate, geometric slab construction. The interior is glazed to seal (the vessel is functional and holds water).

The exterior is painted with a white terra sigillata surface with porcelain and glazed celadon in masked areas. The base of the piece is finished with epoxy for a smooth finish.

Dimensions: 11.25" H × 7.25" W × 7.75" D.

Kathryn studied ceramics in England and has worked and exhibited both there and in New York where she now lives. Her inspiration comes from observing and drawing natural and man-made forms such as rocks, pebbles, plants, earthworks and stone monoliths. She transfers the strong lines and textures to clay, working with porcelain, white earthenware, stoneware and terra cotta combined with slips, oxides, sgrafitto and glazes. The finished pieces can be functional or purely sculptural, organic and architectural, ranging from bold and graphic to minimal and serene.

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