Horsehair Raku Dish by Minh Singer

Horsehair Raku Dish by Minh Singer


This one-of-a-kind decorative dish is hand-built from stoneware with bits of mica incorporated into the clay body and then raku fired with a horsehair finish.

Horse hair raku is a method of decorating pottery through the application of horsehair to the heated piece. The hair burns to create smoke patterns and carbon trails on the surface of the work.


For decorative use only - not food safe.

Minh Singer is a ceramic artist based in Brooklyn by the way of Ho Chi Minh City, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Minh approaches each piece as a meditative journey, mindful of our humanity and beautiful imperfections. Inspired by the unpredictability of nature and of civilizations long gone, her work is a collection of mystical objects from an unknown past. Minh is a graduate of Pratt Institute and has worked in fashion and art education.

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